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Single-ply roofing consists of a strong membrane formed by laying and joining strong, flexible sheets to create a waterproof barrier across the surface of flat roofs. The sheets are joined using either heat or are self-sealing and are secured by mechanical fixing, adhesives, ballast, green roofs or paving. Single ply membrane is made from a synthetic polymer that has been formulated to resist weathering, chemical oxidation and UV radiation and to maintain its properties through all climates.

The Single Ply membranes that we provide are Alwitra, Alwitra Evalon,Tectofin RV, Ruvitex, Xteva and more.


Supreme Roofing and Alwitra – an unbeatable team! We are proud to hold the licence to purchase and install alwitra® – a revolutionary single ply membrane that is renowned as the world’s most advanced roofing system. Key features of the Alwitra system include

  • is quick and easy to install
  • is fire resistant
  • is consistently proven worldwide
  • comes with up to 20 years’ guarantee
  • mechanically attached, adhered or ballasted
  • sedum and green roof options
  • colour options
  • 30 year life expectancy
  • standing seam profiles
  • metal cappings and fascias
  • value engineered

Alwitra single ply membrane is fire resistant and has been consistently proven worldwide over 30 years in all climates. It can also be recycled and is supported by the highest standards – ISO 9000, DIN and BBA. What’s more, the Alwitra purchasing and installation process is so strictly monitored that each year many licences are withdrawn.
The Alwitra system is quick and easy to install by heat or solvent welding and:

  • is pollution resistant
  • promotes good solar reflectivity
  • is 1.2 mm thick
  • does not trap moisture or blister
  • mechanically attached, adhered or ballasted


We are also licenced to purchase and install TECTOFIN® RV – a single ply membrane which has been especially designed for new buildings and large surface areas. Due to its unique formulation based upon acrylic synthetic rubber, Tectofin offers huge benefits including being:

  • highly elastic/weather resistant
  • highly stable/flexible at low temperatures
  • resistant to penetration from plant roots, and


the installation of both alwitra® and TECTOFIN® RV is strictly monitered and vetted for inferior workmanship. Failure to meet exacting standards can result in a licence being withdrawn. Supreme Roofing is proud to offer our clients a professional alwitra® and TECTOFIN® RV single ply membrane roofing service to suit a wide variety of applications and projects.

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