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Lead Roofing Surrey and South London

Quality lead roofing offers a number of advantages. It is sturdy and durable, offering protection, as well as affordable. Surrey Roofing Solutions specialises in professional lead roofing, providing genuine and quality materials at competitive rates. Our trusted team are highly skilled in the task and work to a quality finish and in good time. Our cost-effective Lead Roofing services include:

Lead Flat Roofs – Lead Slates – Lead Valleys – Lead Roof Bay Windows – Lead Chimney Flashings – Lead Cladding – Lead Lined Gutters – Lead Domes – Lead Cornices – Lead Copings – Lead outlets – Dormer Windows and more.

Lead is very attractive on the eye and as it ages it looks even better. It’s good to know that a quality, cost effective, good-looking lead roof keeping the elements at bay and adds a quality touch to your home or property.

All of our roofing sheets are produced from raw materials that have been recycled. In fact, the recycling and scrap collection of lead has become so efficient that it has a collection that has saturated almost to 100%, making lead a favourable choice among consumers. This means that only a small amount of lead needs to be unearthed, with recycling being done at low temperatures, minimising energy and harmful emissions.

For lead roofing contractors and services in Surrey and South London contact our friendly team on 07805 637060 or 01932231983 or email info@surrey-roofer.co.uk we would be more than happy to assist you.